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Shri Guru Har Govind Sahabh Ji Memorail College Of Education here we have planned to provide quality education to the students with the help of latest technology and due emphasis will be given on value education.

The pursuit of knowledge is an on going process here and the overall beneficiary is your little ones.

The distinctive scene of Missionary zeal of the teachers inherited from the such traditions of Indians culture exemplifies the success of the SGHGSMCE college.We all lay emphasis on cross cultural experiences to give rise to the new generation of world leaders with the ideas of good human beings.

SGHGSMCE is currently under tremendous strain as it with educational implications economy.,rapid technologies fields and the emergence of totally new technologies.

The need for layoing down quality standards for educational process has become urgent.

"Wishing your young ones a bright future as they will bring laurels not only to your parents but also SGHGSMCE."
"With a lot of congratulations and best wishes."
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